How do I create a fine-grained Personal Access Token for GitHub?

Lee Chickering
Lee Chickering
Please see GitHub's documentation for more information on how to create a fine-grained PAT.
NOTE: Make sure to choose the right organization as the Resource owner. On the screenshot below, fine-grained Personal Access Token will grant certain permissions only on the repositories owned by the Ketryx organization. In your case, the Resource owner will most likely be your organization (the company you are working for).
The following Read-only permissions are required for the integration with Ketryx:
  • Contents
  • Metadata
  • Pull requests
It should look like this:
This token will serve as the authentication method to fetch both Pull Request data and the Git repository for SOUP dependency analysis from GitHub.
When entering the authentication credentials in Ketryx, the username has no effect, but the password should be the PAT.

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