How do you add your repository to Ketryx for a new project?

Lee Chickering
Lee Chickering
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To add your repository for an existing project, click here. 
To add your repository to Ketryx is during project creation: 
  1. From the Projects Dashboard Click + Create Project
On the Create project page you can add a repository from which you want to pull the Code Change Reviews (CCR) and/or the Git repository for SOUP dependency analysis.
The URL of the repository is required, and you can also add authentication information for the repository. This is required for private repositories, and for public repositories if you want to fetch CCR data.
Additionally the analyzed branch can be set, which is the branch that is used for SOUP dependency analysis and CCR data fetching. The default is main or in lieu of that master.
Instead of a branch, you can also set a tag, which will be used for SOUP dependency analysis and CCR data fetching. This is useful if you want to analyze a specific release version, e.g. refs/tags/v1.0.0.
You can also define a release ref pattern. The naming pattern used to detect release branches or tags. These can be version-specific. Use # as a SemVer-compatible version placeholder. For example, release/# will match release/3.2.1, release/3.2, or release/3. The default is refs/tags/#.

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