Is there a way to generate a report / overview of requirements? How can I see how requirements relate at a high level?

Lee Chickering
Lee Chickering
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For a complete manual on the traceability module, see MAN-07 here

One way to view how requirements relate at a high level is through the Requirements Tree feature in Ketryx. 

From your project, click on Traceability, followed by clicking on Requirements tree from the toolbar on the lefthand side. 

The requirements tree view allows members to review the Requirement architecture from the highest level (Use Case / Intended Use) to the lowest level (System Requirements and related Software / Hardware Items).

Additionally, from top of this this page, you may download a traceability matrix, as well as a system requirements specification as shown. 
You may also download each of these documents for a particular version through the releases module by clicking Releases, followed by the version for which you'd like to view release documentation for
Click on Documents in the lefthand tool bar. 
Finally, generate and download the System Requirements Specification and Traceability Matrix as needed. 

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