For automated tests in Github, does integration require the project to use a specific syntax or can you work with the conventions the project already uses? Will the integration require us to change how we write automated tests?

Lee Chickering
Lee Chickering
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For integrating automated tests in GitHub using Ketryx, you will need to add specific annotations (also known as anchors) to your test code. These annotations link your automated tests to configuration items in Ketryx. The format for these annotations is "@tests: [Item ID]," where the Item ID is specific to the configuration item you're testing against.

Ketryx is compatible with various file formats, allowing it to parse these annotations from your test files. This compatibility information and more detailed instructions can be found in our documentation: Ketryx Documentation.

For Jira-based items, Ketryx supports annotations like "@tests: KP-123" or "@tests: KXITM....." where "KXITM..." is the full Ketryx item ID. Similarly, for Git-based items, particularly those created from Markdown files, the same format applies.

In summary, while you can continue using the conventions your project already employs, you will need to add these specific annotations to your test code to integrate with Ketryx successfully. This means a slight modification in how you write or format your automated tests.

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