Are there attributes you can assign to each test case?

Lee Chickering
Lee Chickering
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Yes, you can assign attributes to each test. Please see WI-04 for more information.

You can fill out the following fields in the ticket:

  • Summary (title)
  • Assignee
  • Description
  • Steps
  • Expected behavior
  • Introduced in version (unless the Test Case was introduced at the start of the project)
  • Tested items. These constitute the design input for this Test Case.
  • Test type. Is this a Verification or a Validation case? If it is the former, what kind of Verification?

However, note that for the field called "Test type", this field is extra metadata that could be useful for searching and filtering for test types. It does not impact the requirements traceability matrix. The RTM looks at the relations between the test and the configuration item type that it is testing. 

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