Ketryx 2.3 Release Announcement

Lee Chickering
Lee Chickering

Dear Ketryx community,

We are excited to announce our latest release, Ketryx 2.3! This update continues our commitment to connecting the tools you already use, enforcing your existing processes, and automatically documenting evidence of compliance. In Ketryx 2.3, we're delivering a host of improvements and new features designed to help you build fast and stay compliant.

What's New in Ketryx 2.3?

  1. New Risk Management Framework: Automatic configurable risk evaluation includes new forms for editing and visualizing the risk matrix. 
    1. Projects can be configured with custom risk assessment levels and automatic risk evaluation rules based on risk probabilities and harm severity. Evaluation rules can also be configured differently for different hazard types.
    2. Ketryx users have the ability to add or edit risks directly in the Ketryx interface. Harms, hazardous situations, and sequence of events leading to a harm can be chosen from configurable lists or added ad-hoc.
    3. Risk properties can be set from within Jira tickets and synchronize with Ketryx automatically.
    4. The new risk management page provides a holistic view of all risks and highlights unacceptable risks that need further risk controls.
  2. Cross-project references enhanced: Extended capabilities improve managing a System of Systems
    1. Users can reference items of any other type across different projects.
    2. Each project version can reference a specific version of each sub project, establishing well-defined dependencies on sub-systems and services.
    3. Incorporation of release documents into parent projects improves traceability for cross-project development. 
  3. Multi-region support: New feature assists with project development for multiple regulatory regions, associates individual items with specific regions, and generates region-specific regulatory release documents. 
  4. EDMS UI improvements: Enhanced status, workflow, and history for documents increases the control and transparency users have with respect to the state of a document in the Ketryx Electronic Document Management System.
  5. Audit trails: Extended audit trails at the organization and project level contain more captured actions and export options, including Microsoft Excel. 
  6. AI-powered item assistant: Optional chat-like interface on the All items page provides insights into a project's configuration items and can be used to suggest new items to be added (experimental & enabled/disabled per org).
  7. More flexible schema configuration and enforcement of controls: Users can choose a subset of item types based on four predefined schema configurations and select which specific release controls should be enforced by Ketryx.
  8. Manage your own configuration: Users with the appropriate permissions will have an enhanced interface for managing JSON-based configuration settings at the organizational and project level.

We continually strive to serve your needs better and are eager to hear your feedback. Together, let's create safer and more reliable systems for everyone.

Thanks for being part of our community!


The Ketryx Team

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