How do I delete a configuration item?

Lee Chickering
Lee Chickering
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Before deleting a configuration item from Jira and Ketryx, it is important to ask the question: Is this configuration item obsolete or was the item created in error? 

If the configuration item is obsolete, and is no longer applicable to the newest version of a product, you should utilize the "Obsolete in version" field in Jira. 

From the dropdown, select the version of your product for which the configuration item no longer applies. 



However, if the configuration item is a duplicate, or otherwise made in error, you must remove the ticket from both Jira and Ketryx. 

In Jira, navigate to the ticket that you'd like to delete. Click the ellipsis (...) associated with that ticket. Click delete. 
Note: You may need to be the Jira admin or have the appropriate permissions set up in order for the "Delete" field to be available. 

In Ketryx, navigate to the All items screen. 

Click the check box for the configuration item that you'd like to remove. 

Click Exclude 1 item

Provide your multi-factor authentication as necessary and confirm that you'd like to exclude the item. 



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