What permissions do organization owners have in comparison to members?

Lee Chickering
Lee Chickering
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In an organization, the distinction between the roles of owner and member is significant, providing different levels of access and control. An organization can have multiple owners, enhancing the flexibility in management and operational responsibilities.
Owners possess exclusive privileges, including:

  • The ability to access and modify advanced organizational settings. This encompasses a broad range of configurations that influence how the organization operates within Ketryx. Owners can also access and configure any project residing in this organization. 
  • The authority to view the audit log, which tracks system access and provides a detailed record of activities, ensuring transparency and security within the organization.
  • The capability to manage API keys by navigating to Organization > API keys.
  • The creation and management of approval groups. This includes defining the permissions for managing these groups, thereby enabling a granular control over decision-making processes and internal workflows. By establishing various approval groups, owners can delegate responsibilities while maintaining oversight.
  • Managing the organization's membership. Owners can add new members to the organization and have the discretion to promote existing members to owners. 

Note: Owner / member permissions for some actions can be managed under Organization > Permissions

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