Why do my automatic test executions appear blank or seem like they disappeared?

Lee Chickering
Lee Chickering
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Ensure automated tests are reported to the latest, effective build.

If your test executions in Ketryx suddenly appear blank, it may be due to Ketryx only considering the latest build as effective. If you have different builds reporting different tests, you can use the build-name parameter in the GitHub Action or buildName in the API to distinguish them, ensuring each build and its corresponding tests are recognized as effective. See here for more information. 

Figure 1 - Ketryx Documentation on buildName

Additionally, for builds associated with a specific commit (i.e. you don't set an explicit version parameter), Ketryx only acknowledges those linked to the current commit on the release branch or tag. If there is a new commit in the repository, Ketryx won't consider automated tests unless they're reported for that particular commit. 

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