Does Ketryx show cross-referenced items in the requirements traceability matrix (RTM)? If so, how do I enable this?

Lee Chickering
Lee Chickering
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Ketryx does support cross-referenced items in the RTM. However, cross-referenced items are not considered in the traceability matrix and corresponding checks by default. Configuring your RTM will require you to be an organization owner and have access to the advanced settings of the project. 

Note: Cross project reference setting "References to ____ Project in any relation" will need to be enabled in order to see items from another project in the RTM.



See MAN-01 for Setting up Cross-Project References for a System of Systems then perform the following steps: 

1. Open up the advanced settings for the System project. 

2. Click on the information icon for the advanced field "Traceability configuration"

3. Copy the full RTM v3 JSON into the adjacent "Traceability configuration" field or preferred external editor. 

4. For all lines with "matchCrossReferences": false, change this value to true. 

5. If using an external editor, copy/paste the JSON into the adjacent "Traceability configuration" field. 

6. Save changes

7. Confirm to change the advanced project settings and provide authentication as necessary. 

8. You should now be able to see referenced items in the RTM. 


We also include the option for fine-grained configurations for enabling traceability checks on cross-referenced items. If you want to make sure that cross-referenced items are fully approved in the context of the shown RTM, enable checkCrossReferences in the corresponding controlled check. 

If you want to make sure that cross-referenced items are checked for coverage based on the current relations, enable checkCrossReferences in the corresponding coverage check

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to our client operations team

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