Ketryx 2.5 Release Announcement

Lee Chickering
Lee Chickering

We are excited to launch Ketryx 2.5, which introduces a set of new features that continue simplifying documentation and helping teams manage a complex software development lifecycle. 

Dynamic Templates

Our goal is that you never need to edit a document directly. We’ve taken one step closer to that goal today with Dynamic Templates. Now Ketryx can automatically populate your existing Word and Excel document template with data directly from Ketryx. Here’s how it works. 

Ketryx now provides a minimal configuration language that can be inserted directly into template documents. When uploaded to Ketryx and generated, it will pull data from your organization to populate the document appropriately. Now, you can use templates directly from your QMS to generate your Ketryx documents. This even works to pull textual information from one document into another! 

Vulnerabilities are now Configuration Items

Managing vulnerabilities can be overwhelming, but we’ve taken a significant step to make it simpler for you to manage. Starting today, each time Ketryx detects a vulnerability in your SOUP, it generates a Configuration Item in a new section labeled Vulnerabilities within your Dependencies menu. This feature integrates cybersecurity into your SDLC to support your secure product development framework (SPDF), specifically around cybersecurity risk and vulnerability management.

In your Vulnerabilities section, you now have a clear list of items that need to be actioned so you know exactly what needs to be done. For each vulnerability, you can now evaluate every vulnerability as required in the recent FDA guidance complete with a risk assessment and the ability to sign in a Part-11 compliant way. 

RTM Cross-Project Referencing & Exports

Referencing projects is one of the core ways we help your teams manage complexity and we’re building on that today. In projects where you reference other projects, you may now configure your RTM to display a holistic view of all your configuration items from all referenced projects. 

In addition, any RTM customizations you’ve made will now be conveniently mapped to your RTM exports so that the documentation you generate matches what you see in your Ketryx instance.

Deepened Git integrations with Cucumber file support

Last release, we debuted Git-based items, which allows your organization to create configuration items in Ketryx based on your Git repository. In 2.5, we’re continuing to deepen that integration by extending the files we support to Cucumber files. This further enables teams to record and coordinate automated test executions. In addition, items are now easier to use, find, and work across.

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