We use a different version numbering system from the default Ketryx numbering (major.minor.patch), how can I configure this?

Lee Chickering
Lee Chickering

To configure your version numbering system, navigate to the advanced project settings and modify the "Version number pattern" JSON field.

Here are two provided examples of version number patterns:

  1. SemVer Version Numbers (major.minor.patch-prerelease+build):
    Pattern: "$0(.$0)(.$0)[-$x][+$x]"
    This pattern is used for Semantic Versioning, which includes major, minor, and patch numbers, with optional prerelease and build metadata.

  2. Alphabetical Version Identifiers (three components, optional second and third components):
    Pattern: "$A(.$A)(.$A)"
    This pattern is suitable for version names with up to three alphabetical components, with the second and third components being optional but normalized to an empty part if not present.

If you would want a version numbering system that contains four (4) numbers, you would need a pattern of  "$0(.$0)(.$0)(.$0)"

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