How can I delete Jira issues?

Lee Chickering
Lee Chickering

To delete Jira issues, it's important to ensure that the appropriate permissions are set correctly within your project. Follow these steps to manage and execute issue deletion:

  • Navigate to your project settings, then select the 'Permissions' section. Within the permissions scheme, locate the 'Delete Issues' permission. Ensure this permission is granted to the 'Project Role (Administrators)' or any other groups or roles you deem necessary for deleting issues.

  • If you need to adjust who has project administrator rights, go to your project settings and select 'People'. This is where you can modify the roles and permissions of individuals within your project. Keep in mind that granting someone project administrator rights does not automatically grant them administrative rights for the entire Jira instance. This differentiation is crucial for maintaining the appropriate level of access control within your Jira projects.

Please be aware that the ability to edit permissions, including the 'Delete Issues' permission, requires a subscription to a paid plan. The free plan version of Jira does not support modifications to permissions settings. This limitation is an important consideration when planning your project management strategy within Jira.

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