Is Ketryx connected to Jira on a project-by-project basis or is it connected to the entire instance?

Lee Chickering
Lee Chickering

Ketryx integrates with the entire Jira instance. This means that when you create a project in Ketryx, you can choose from any of the projects that exist within the Jira instance.

Once the connection is established, linking a Ketryx project to a Jira project will automatically configure empty company-managed Jira projects with Ketryx's issue types, screens, and workflows. If the Jira project already contains tickets, you will need to manually switch to Ketryx schemes in the Jira project's settings.

It's important to note that Ketryx's configurations are only applied to Jira projects that are connected to a Ketryx project. Projects in Jira that are not linked to a Ketryx project remain unaffected.

Additionally, only one Jira instance can be connected to one Ketryx organization, and vice versa. Attempting multiple connections may lead to errors and disrupted connections.

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