What types of automated documentation checks, including traceability, are available?

Lee Chickering
Lee Chickering

Ketryx implements a variety of automated documentation checks, or "engineering controls," which are based on traceability, the workflow state of an item (controlled or uncontrolled), event sequences, and other criteria. Examples of these checks include:

  • A configurable Traceability Matrix UI that performs checks on:
    • Item states
    • Traceability coverage
    • Item existence, such as test executions
  • Gating approval based on activities, including those related to projects or sets of configuration items (e.g., approval of all Use Cases), as detailed in MAN-05
  • Gating deployments based on fulfilling a set of controls, such as document approval or item approval
  • Gating the merging of pull requests into a branch based on association with a Jira ticket or a set of Jira tickets

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