I have versions of my product that I have already released and completed migration into Ketryx. How can I use them as a baseline for my Ketryx project?

Lee Chickering
Lee Chickering
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Congratulations on completing your migration into Ketryx! There are a few ways that you can begin working on your first version of your project in Ketryx while using the design controls that you've migrated over. 

Option 1: Begin working on your next project version

The first method is to simply create the next sequential version in Ketryx that you'd like to release. You can treat the configuration items that have been migrated over into Ketryx as already existing. However, using this option, you would not be able to track what configuration items are New or Changed since all items would be new (at least to Ketryx). 

Option 2: Establish a baseline project by going through a simplified release. 

If you'd like to see what items are New or Changed you can create a release in Ketryx that bypasses the release controls for the migrated information. Of course, you would re-enable the release controls for the next version that you are working on. 

For instance, if you migrated version 1.0 configuration items to your new Ketryx project, you would first create version 1.0 in Ketryx. Next, you would need to perform the following: 

  1. Navigate to the project settings as the organization owner, disable the release controls for our project.
  2. (Optional) Navigate to the release version settings of the version that you'd like to establish as a baseline. 
    1. Releases
    2. Version "1.0"
    3. Settings
    4. In the version settings you may want to describe the purpose of the baseline release in the Scope Description settings. 
  3. (Optional) You may also want to consider re-opening all items and performing a bulk change on these items to establish item ownership and designate the "Introduced in version" field as the baseline version. 
  4.  Release your baseline version of Ketryx. 
  5. Re-enable the release controls for your project. 
  6. Create version "2.0" and begin working there.

Option 3: Establish a baseline project by going through a mock release.

The third option includes creating a version of the project that you'd like to baseline using similar setup steps as Option 2. However, in this option, you would need to perform a full release using all the release controls of Ketryx. 

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