Why can't I see my approvals or traceability widget in Jira?

Lee Chickering
Lee Chickering
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Mismatched email addresses

One common issue is that your email address for Ketryx may differ from the one you use for Jira. Access to Ketryx-connected projects in Jira requires that your email addresses match in both systems. For instance, if you use the email johnsmith@yourmedtech.com in Ketryx but have johns@your.med.tech.com registered in Jira, you will face login discrepancies as Jira will not recognize your Ketryx-connected email, leading to insufficient privileges. To resolve this, you can either align your email addresses across both platforms or contact your Jira Atlassian administrator to update your email settings. It's a best practice to synchronize email addresses to avoid such issues.

You do not have a Ketryx account

Another possible reason for not seeing the traceability or approvals widgets in Jira is that you might not have a Ketryx account. These widgets are specifically available to users who are registered with Ketryx. If you do not have a Ketryx account, please reach out to the owner of your company's Ketryx organization to request adding you to the system. This will grant you access to the necessary widgets in Jira.

You may be using custom item types

If you are using custom item types and are unable to see the widgets for those item types, please reach out to support@ketryx.com, create a request ticket, or message a Ketryx Client Operations manager.

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