How do I make a field required?

Lee Chickering
Lee Chickering
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To make a field required, must configure the approval workflow setting in Jira. As the organization owner, navigate to the advanced settings

For the Approval Workflow field, configure the requiredFieldNames to include the fields that you'd like to make required. 

For instance, for a requirement, you may want the Introduced in version field to be required. To do this, copy the following JSON into the Approval Workflow field: 

"Resolved": {
"isApprovable": true,
"approvalMeaning": "REVIEWED",
"requiredFieldNames": [
"Introduced in version"
"approvedTransitionStatus": "Closed",
"invalidatedTransitionStatus": "Resolved",
"shouldTransitionWhenApproved": true

As a result, in Jira, you should see the following message if the Introduced in Version field does not have a value and you try to approve the ticket: "Before you can approve this item, the following required field must be filled out: Introduced in version"

The approval of this ticket will be blocked until the required field is filled out. 

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