How is Ketryx different from JIRA tracking and Bitbucket?

Lee Chickering
Lee Chickering
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Regulated development teams leverage modern tools like Jira for project tracking, requirement and issue management, and test management. But Jira’s standard configuration wasn’t designed to support compliant workflows and documentation. 


Before you build a custom configuration for Jira, Bitbucket, or other tools to manage your projects, requirements, and issues, you should consider the following risks: 


  • System Reliability: Custom solutions may exhibit critical inconsistencies, jeopardizing data and system integrity. 
  • Loss of Knowledge Continuity: Turnover of Jira specialists can lead to a loss of essential customization know-how, leading to product release delay. 
  • High Support Demands and Costs: Custom solutions need frequent updates to meet changing user needs, leading to unpredictable expenses.


Unlike Jira, Bitbucket, and other DevTools, Ketryx is compliant by design. You can stay in your existing DevTools (including Jira, GitHub, and Bitbucket) and use Ketryx to enforce your QMS so that your developers stay compliant to international standards like IEC 62304. 


Customizing Jira or Bitbucket to fit your needs can slow your time to market, as it requires building an in-house team or hiring consultants. Alternatively, you can deploy and configure Ketryx in minutes, so you can start development in days – not months. 


Configuring Jira on your own requires significant time investment and can risk disruptions or errors when knowledgeable staff leave your organization. On the other hand, Ketryx specializes in DevTools like Jira, ensuring ongoing support for your regulated development requirements. 


Bespoke solutions are not designed with change in mind, which prevents future improvements and risks system failure. Ketryx was designed with change in mind. Ketryx modifies Jira to meet the requirements of regulatory standards and can be configured to meet the requirements of your QMS using the Ketryx advanced settings. 


Third party plug-ins for Jira and other DevTools require regular maintenance and need extra configuration to align with your SOPs. Ketryx enforces your policies and SOP approval sequences in Jira, so you can reduce manual process verification and prevent errors in approval sequences. 


If you plan to develop a product in a new risk class, you’ll need additional configuration in Jira and other tools that may not be able to scale with you. Ketryx configures Jira to support multiple device classes and to enable the real-time collection of evidence for projects of all sizes and complexities. 


Custom solutions make it difficult to adopt modern microservices architectures and complex design controls, forcing you to build everything as a monolith. Ketryx provides the automated design control structure and traceability required for microservice architecture, improving scalability and agility without increasing compliance complexity. 


And Jira is just part of the story. Each new integration requires another bespoke solution, validation, and compliance life cycle. In contrast, Ketryx connects to best-in-class software tooling and is building validated connectors to any product development ecosystem. 


Implementing bespoke solutions requires a group of subject matter experts or an external system integrator, along with engineering resources to implement a custom solution and validation strategy. Then you’ll need external training and support resources or a new internal team for training and support. Any updates require more resources to maintain. 


In comparison, we align Ketryx with your existing QMS, SOPs, and other validation procedures and tools, so that it can change along with your organization. Customers receive comprehensive training and support from the Ketryx team and learn best practices with our Global Center of Excellence for Validated CI/CD.


Before you implement a custom solution through Jira, Bitbucket, or another tool, consider the risks of doing the heavy lift of configuration on a tool that’s not compliant by design. Instead, overlay Jira and Bitbucket with Ketryx to weave compliance into every element of your software development life cycle.

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