Is it possible to manage branched requirements in Ketryx?

David Semko
David Semko
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Yes, there are several ways make managing branched requirements possible in Ketryx. 

1. You can utilize the Change Request Item Type (Work Instruction-08 Change Request) to simultaneously capture intended changes to a requirement across one or multiple unreleased future versions. You may also want to consider using child requirements that capture these same intended changes and document the intended version in the Introduced in Version field. 

2. Alternatively, you can manage Requirements as a Git-Based item and then tag items to match the configured release ref pattern. (Manual-09 Git-based Configuration Items)

3. In some cases, Incremental or Scoped Releases can be utilized to enable this functionality. (Manual-01 Section 5.4 Versions and Releases)

It is additionally possible to use Jira Automation and/or plug-ins and extensions available for Jira to manage branched requirements in numerous other ways. 

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